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Proposal for residential development in Cilcain


The consultation on the proposal for a residential development in the village by Cilcain Homes Partnership has confused many residents, so the following information aims to clarify the situation.

Developers proposing projects comprising ‘major development’ (10 or more dwellings) must now undertake statutory ‘pre-application consultation’.  This is a relatively new process required in law – and the first step for developers is to consult with the community where they propose building a major development.

This is why information about the proposed residential development suddenly appeared in the village without notice. At this stage, Cilcain Homes Partnership are telling the community what they want to do and inviting comments about the proposal from members of the community. They have not yet made a planning application to Flintshire County Council as the Planning Authority

In 2016, the developers submitted the site in question to Flintshire County Council as a ‘candidate site’ to be considered for inclusion in the Local Development Plan. However, this site was not carried forward into the County’s Local Development Plan.

Flintshire County Council’s Local Development Plan classifies Cilcain as a ‘tier 4 Defined Village’. In this category any potential development has to be on land already in the settlement boundary, modest in scale, and for local affordable needs only.  This site lies outside of the settlement boundary, and the houses being proposed are not for local affordable needs only.

The developers do not have to organise a meeting to consult with members of the community about their proposal.  However, they are required by law to do a number of things before submitting a planning application to the Planning Authority.

What developers are required to do – consulting with the community

Developers proposing ‘major development’ projects now have to carry out pre-application consultation with the community before they submit a planning application to the Local Planning Authority.  At this stage, the developer does not have to notify the Local Planning Authority that they are undertaking consultation with the community.

The consultation period with the community must last for a minimum of 28 days from the posting of site notices.

In the consultation process with the community the following is required:

a)      Developers must prepare a draft version of their planning application and make it available for the community to consult.  In Cilcain, this is the folder containing a number of documents which was left in the Village Hall on 17th July.  Developers can also make this information available online.

b)      Developers must also post site notices (in English and in Welsh) for public viewing around the application site.  The site notice will inform residents of the proposals and of the consultation taking place – and also provide details on how residents can respond to the information the developers have provided.  In Cilcain, a site notice has been attached to the gate of the land in question along Mountain Road.  Residents can respond with their comments by sending an email to:  info@cilcainhomespartnership.com  or by writing to Cilcain Homes Partnership, Lockwood House, 27-29 Liverpool Road, Chester, Cheshire, CH2 1DP.

c)      Developers must also send a copy of the site notice to the owners or occupiers of land adjoining the application site and community consultees.  In Cilcain, residents in The Square and on Mountain Road received a letter and a site plan on 17th July.  The Clerk to Cilcain Community Council received the same letter and site plan on 18th July.

In the letter the developers refer to Flintshire County Council’s Pre-             Application Consultation requirements.  The need for developers to carry out statutory pre-application consultation for major developments in Wales comes from Welsh Government – the Planning (Wales) Act 2015.

The site plan sent with the letter to some residents carries Flintshire County Council’s logo and the title ‘Flintshire County Council Development Plan:  Candidate Site’.  This can lead to the assumption that the plan has County Council approval – which is not the case.  As explained in the introduction to this notice, the site in question was submitted to Flintshire County Council as a ‘candidate site’ for the Local Development Plan but was not carried forward into the County Council’s Plan.  Moreover, a planning application has not yet been submitted.

At the end of the consultation period (a minimum of 28 days from the posting of site notices), developers are required to prepare a Pre-application Consultation Report.  In this report, developers are required to show how they have adhered to the new consultation requirements.  The report will form part of the developer’s final planning application submission.  Developers must provide evidence on how they have met the community consultation requirements – and must set out what issues were raised by people who responded during the consultation period.  Their report must also address how the comments made by members of the community and consultees have been considered.

What Happens next

Developers can seek pre-application advice from Flintshire County Council Planning Department before submitting their planning application.

If the developers proceed with their planning application, the County Council will publicise the application.  Members of the public can comment on the proposal at this stage, even if they have already responded to the developers during the community consultation process.

The Planning Department will assess the application in accordance with Policy and other material considerations.  Other Departments, such as the Highways Department, may be consulted before a decision on the planning application is made.

The Community Council’s Role

The Community Council aims to improve awareness of the Pre-application consultation process which, being new, can be confusing to residents – hence this information notice. This notice will be posted on the Cilcain village notice board and on the Community Council website.  Copies will also be available in the Shop, particularly for residents who do not use a computer.

The developer is required to consult the Community Council in whose area the site proposed for development is situated.  Cilcain Community Council received a letter from the developers a day later than the owners or occupiers of land adjoining the application site received their letters.  The Council will be writing to the developers with comments and observations about their proposal.

The Community Council encourages you as residents to write to the developers if you wish to comment on the residential development proposal as part of the pre-application consultation process.

Given the Community Council aims to represent the interests of the community, it would be useful if you could provide the Community Council with a copy of comments you make to the developers – although this is not obligatory.

The Community Council has checked with Flintshire County Council on the advisability of residents sending a copy of their comments to the County Council (the Planning Authority) at this point in time.  The advice is that, as the consultation with the community is at the pre-application stage of the process, the County Council has not yet been formally notified of the proposal.  Comments from Cilcain residents to Flintshire County Council should be made once a planning application has been submitted and publicised by the County Council.

Remember that the minimum time for this consultation period is 28 days from the posting of site notices.  To be certain of the developers receiving any comments you wish to make within this time, aim for the developers to receive your comments by Tuesday 13th August.

Addresses are as follows:

To comment on the proposal to the developers, write by email to info@cilcainhomespartnership.com

or by land mail to

Cilcain Homes Partnership, Lockwood House, 27-29 Liverpool Road, Chester, Cheshire, CH2 1DP.

To contact Cilcain Community Council:

Write by email to: alun_evans_gov@hotmail.com (the gaps indicate an underscore) or by land mail to Alun Evans, Clerk to Cilcain Community Council, Gwel Hyfryd, Pentre Hill, Flint Mountain, Flint, Flintshire, CH6 5QN

N.B. Please use the identifier Cilcain Homes Partnership In the email subject box

Cilcain Community Council website address: